Will Wardell


Tell us about your time with Pathfinder


I was so pleased when I received the letter informing me that I had an interview with Pathfinder. I knew the competition for places was touch, especially in PE and to have the opportunity to have an interview with my first choice provider made the hours I spent on my application worthwhile.
During the interview itself, I felt I was given every opportunity to showcase my skills in a well organised and professionally run process. I was however made to feel welcome, which enabled to me to concentrate on performing well. It was great when I received the offer of a place as I realised that I was training with and alongside the best.

What have been particular highlights of your training so far?


The course itself was very well run, with constant communication between Pathfinder and myself throughout my training. I always knew they were there if I needed them to resolve any issues or to offer advice. The CDP sessions on offer were really well organised and delivered, and I found the information was extremely relevant and useful. I always received a warm welcome accompanied by refreshments and I looked forward to going to each session.

The subject specific sessions were delivered by an experienced staff member with expert knowledge in the field. The sessions were full of valuable information and ideas that could be transferred straight to my lessons. They helped fill in the blanks in terms of my subject knowledge, and this directly impacted on my grade in relation to the teaching standards.

What are you doing now?

I achieved my ambition of qualifying as a PE teacher and gained employment in an outstanding school, despite multiple other applicants. This success is in no doubt due to the quality guidance and support I received during my training, and pathfinder played a large part in that.

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