Primary CPD Courses

The Vision

School Led          High Impact          Cost Effective          Sustainable

The core CPD offer will be built upon term by term, with updates running on the Pathfinder website and alerts being sent directly to schools.

The development of additional course titles will be in response to:

  • Analysis of the impact of current CPD titles

  • Bespoke school requests

  • Identified trends from school to school support

  • Ofsted inspections within the authority

Kate Sowter, Deputy Head of Teaching School, is working directly with York primary schools to establish relationships and to recruit outstanding teaching practitioners. Teacher led sessions will centre on best practice and will undoubtedly inspire and motivate those who attend. Several autumn term twilight courses are being led by teachers, for teachers.

York primary schools have responded and supported the Pathfinder vision of creating school led, high impact, cost effective and sustainable CPD.

Innovation and change are another strand of the teaching school vision and Pathfinder TSA aspire to bring in professionals to demonstrate new resources, tools and technologies, so teaching and learning in the authority can continue to grow. The result, children who have the relevant skills and attitudes for their own learning journey, for life.

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