Practical Headship

Practical Headship

The Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance has developed a series od innovative and inspirational sessions specifically tailored for headteachers.

Each workshop has been designed to enhance the skill sets of both experienced headteachers, and those new to the role.

The full programme can be purchased for £450 or standalone workshops can be purchased for £80 each.

To purchase the full programme please use this link:

Eventbrite - PHFC-2015-16 Practical Headship - Full Course Purchase

Each session can be booked by clicking on the booking link for the module you require.

All sessions will be hosted at Pathfinder TSA, Archbishop Holgate's School, Hull Road, York, YO10 5ZA

Module Summary Course Leader/s Date and timing Booking Link

Module 1:

A Journey to Outstanding



Developing staff to achieve the highest standards.

Challenging underperformance



High expectation

Developing the right ethos

Distributive leadership

Inspection day

Nigel Ashley, Headteacher

Nigel has been a Headteacher for 12 years, first at Dishforth and then at Meadowside,

where he has been Head for six years. Both schools moved to outstanding under his headship,

with Meadowside moving from RI to Outstanding in 2 years.

Nigel was designated a NLE in 2013 and in Spring 2014 his school was

designated lead school of the North Star Teaching School Alliance.



13th January 2016


9.30 am-12.30 pm

Eventbrite - PH1-2015-16  Practical Headship module: A journey to Outstanding

Module 2:

You don’t know what you don’t know’


This session will be a ‘TeachMeet’ style interaction with LA officers from a wide

range of services which support schools in an informal context.

Participants will become better informed about the work of officers who can

support them and their schools, be able to ask any key questions,

and network with colleagues from schools and City of York Council.

City of York Council Services for Headteachers, to include:

Tim Brooks, Arts Education Manager

Mark Ellis, Head of School Services

Dot Evans, Head of Services (Safeguarding) Children's Social Care

Tina Hardman, Principal Educational Psychologist

Catherine Hemmings, Traveller and Ethnic Minority Support Service Team Leader   

Hannah McNamee, Strategic Support Manager

Claire Waind, Senior HR Business Partner

Alan Hodgson, Youth Offending Team Manager/Temporary Children’s Advice Team Manager

Mark Smith, Schools Adviser: Attendance and Integrated Working  

Stephanie Windsor, Head of Primary School Improvement



3rd  February 2016


1.00 pm-4.00 pm

Eventbrite - PH2-2015-16 Practical Headship module: You don't know what you don't know

 Module 3:

Understanding Pupil Premium,

its purpose and intended impact

 This session focuses on framing the desired impact of your PP Grant

and how accountability here can work for you as a leader and for your


 Leon Myers, Headteacher

Leon’s headship career began at a very small school which his team moved

from good to outstanding.  Since then, with lots of help from many people,

he has moved several schools across all OFSTED thresholds. Leon has been

Executive Head whilst leading a large Bridlington primary out of Special Measures

and LLE consultant to schools as far apart as Scarborough and Grimsby.

For the last two years he has undertaken PPG reviews for schools, many of which

have been in York. Leon is currently Headteacher at Swinemoor Primary School.

His school is very proud of its status as 10th most improved school nationally 2013-2014

and its place within the top 100 for progress in KS2 in 2014-2015.



3rd March 2016


1.00 pm-4.00 pm

Eventbrite - PH3-2015-16 Practical Headship module:  Behaviour and Classroom Management

 Module 4:

Working with Governors - a dream or a nightmare?

 This session focuses on working with the Governing Body to drive school


It will explore the difficult questions:  improving the quality of the Governing

Body; getting clarity over strategic vs operational issues; and dealing

with Governing Bodies that feel “out of control” or who persist on

focusing on toilets rather than teaching.

 John Hattam, Chair of Governing Body

John chairs the Governing Body at Archbishop Holgate’s School and is Local Leader

of Governance in York. He has also worked for both North Yorkshire and

York as an “additional” Local Authority Governor in a number of schools

in recent years.



25 April 2016


1.00 pm-4.00 pm

Eventbrite - PH4-2015-16 Practical Headship module: Working with Governors

 Module 5:

Strategic Leadership – The critical importance

of the relationship between the Chair of

Governors and Headteacher.

 The relationship between the Head and the Governing Body can be a

challenging one;sometimes working well but at other times

characterised by disengagement,frustration, or an attempt to

cynically “manage” governor colleagues. The session will explore how to

build a strong relationship between the Chair and Head,

why this is so important and some of the necessary ingredients of this.

Hopefully the difference between Strategic and Operational will be fully explored!

Andrew Daly, Headteacher

Andrew is in his sixth year as Headteacher of Archbishop Holgate’s School.

During this time the school has become an Academy and grown from 800 to 1300


It has developed outstanding Post 16 provision, been designated as the lead

school in the Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance and carried out work as a

National Support School. Andrew continues to achieve excellent results at GCSE

and A Level as a teacher of History and prioritises teaching and learning of the

highest quality.


John Hattam, Chair of Governing Body



18th May 2016



1.00 pm-4.00 pm
Eventbrite - PH5-2015-16 Practical Headship module: Strategic Leadership

 Module 6:

System Leadership

 This session will explore the changing context in education

in England with the move from local authority control to

a school led system.  It will outline the role and remit of

teaching schools and explain how headteachers and schools

can become part of alliances and access provision and training.

The session will also look at the changes in teacher training and

recruitment, including the roles of Lead Schools,

Teaching Schools and SCITTs.

 Jake Capper, Head of Teaching School

Jake Capper is the Head of the Pathfinder Teaching School

Alliance based at Archbishop Holgate’s School in York.



21st June 2016



1.00 pm-4.00 pm
Eventbrite - PH6-2015-16 Practical Headship module: System Leadership

 Module 7:

Leading Vision and Provision in a Distinctive Context

 This additional module is aimed at colleagues who are new to Headship

within a Church of England school context.  It will focus upon:

  • Shaping, developing and articulating a distinctly Christian vision
  • Ensuring this vision underpins and informs all school provision
  • Involving the whole school community
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of distinctive provision
  • Belonging to the Diocesan family
  • National Society vision and messages
  • Further support
 Olivia Seymour, Education Adviser and SIAMS Manager

Olivia supports schools in strengthening their Christian distinctiveness and

on Religious Education and collective worship by producing resources,

putting on training events, sharing good practice and developing networks.

She co-ordinates the delivery of support for schools through our Service

Level Agreement and is the link adviser for many schools. Part of her role is to

help schools prepare for SIAMS and to work with them in putting together and

implementing their post-inspection action plan. She is also responsible for managing

the SIAMS programme and the training and support of SIAMS inspectors.

Olivia also offers support and training to clergy and others who work with schools.



29th June 2016



9.30 am-12.30 pm
Eventbrite - PH7-2015-16 Leading Vision and Provision in a Distinctive Context
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