Affiliation & Course Costs

Costs of each course are stated on the Pathfinder website and the Eventbrite booking system.


Please Note:  (Non CYC Schools)

All courses provided by the Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance have been subsidised by monies from the Local Authority to allow all CYC school to access the courses and sessions at the stated prices.

The courses are also available to non-CYC schools and these schools have two options...

  • Pay a yearly Affiliation fee – Schools can become affiliate members of the Teaching School by paying an affiliation fee. This yearly fee will entitle non-CYC schools to access courses at the advertised rate. Primary Affiliation fee - £200.00 Secondary Affiliation fee - £500.00
  • Pay a 25% surcharge - Schools who do not want to commit to paying an annual affiliation fee can still access courses, but final prices charged will include a 25% surcharge.


If anything is unclear or you are unsure how much you will be charged for a course please contact the Pathfinder administration team on 01904 411341.

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